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12.09.04 - 19:49

Today I feel - like there's nothing left for me to do but drag my ass on the floor like a dog with worms.

Music of the moment: Los lonely boys: more than love

So today wasn't so bad, but yesterday was misery. Soooo, since its been so long since I really posted anything, I will do my best to catch ya'll up.

So, ok, I was dating this guy named Waylon. We had been dating for almost two years, when he broke up with me this past march. So I've been single since then.

Then I re-met a friend that I made while dating Waylon, and so we started to hang out, which turned into sleeping together and hanging out, which turned into me starting to fall for him, which turned into our discussion about how he liked me, but wasn't romantically inclined towards me, but so yeah.

So I am single, attending SFSU, my first official semester there is almost done, loosing weight at a good pace, and only partially miserable.

My mom bought a bar, and I do the office work for it. In turn, she pays for my college and gives me walking around money.

hmm, cant think of anything else really pertinent at the moment.

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